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Michael Heath law firm, a professional association offers solutions for all types of legal problems in the state of Florida. Our primary objective is to fulfill the needs of clients by closely working with them. We represent civil, criminal, business entity, title insurance, civil, criminal and real estate cases in the courtrooms for getting desired results. Our attorneys have a wide knowledge in international laws and practice that help for getting best solutions as soon as possible. Individuals can be able to protect their individual rights with our firm for achieving goals in life to a wider extent. Moreover, our firm plays a key role in resolving complex issues in the cases to experience desired results. We provide legal advice for individuals, business firms and real estate organizations to get tasks accomplished in a timely manner.

Anyone who is facing criminal charges can seek support from our law firm for overcoming apprehension and other problems. Some of our services include DUI, DWI, felony, thefts, burglary, drug offenses, firearm charges, juvenile offences, forgery and many others. Our attorneys will successfully defend the charges in the courtrooms aggressively to reduce them as soon as possible. In addition, victims can be able to establish their freedom with our firm for overcoming complications in life. We handle civil cases such as personal injury, medical mal practice, real estate disputes, personal and business affairs. Those who want to start a new business can consult with our firm for implementing future plans depending on the needs.

Florida is now becoming a favorite destination for real estate properties due to low costs and other factors. Our firm shows ways for international clients to buy and sell them without any difficulties. Furthermore, we help for transferring property titles quickly. It is an essential one to know the laws, rules and regulations before setting up a business in Florida. We assist property owners to settle the disputes in state and federal courts by addressing exact needs. Ideas for obtaining E investor, L1 and EB5 visas are available from our firm to invest money in real estate business. The foreign investing in Florida requires the support of attorneys for making the process a simpler one. Our firm provides methods for reviewing real estate contracts and investments including securities.

We represent clients from various parts of the world while investing in Florida. Our attorneys render also estate planning and rebate services to avoid risks. Our closing cost calculator is a suitable one for those who want to sell their properties at present market rates. Free consultation services are given for customers to attend cases both in state and federal courts at reasonable fees. Our main office is located at St. Petersburg and Orlando that delivers valuable services to clients. One can be able to fix appointments with our attorneys through online for meeting exact requirements in the cases. We follow no win no fee services in some cases when the results are not in favor of clients and we will update about them regularly.